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Calibration Service Center

Kimmon Calibration Center certified in accordance with the traceability system by measurement law is not only the unique facility of which calibrates the products by close loop system operating under 90 - 400kPa of absolute pressure in Japan, but also biggest facility in entire Asian Pacific area.

Kimmon may issue the official certification with JCSS 0134*1 logo.
*1 0134 is Certification Number of this center

Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS)
Institution of tractability by measurement law is the official system that the concerned government organization certifies the business facility for calibration complies with the national measurement law and the requirements of ISO/IEC17025.
In addition, those certified facilities may be as international facilities where the national organization has mutual recognition agreement with ILAC and/or APLAC.
Kimmon Calibration Center was ceritified as iLac-MRA-JCSS on 29th July, 2003.

Intended Application Range of Calibration Max. Capacity
ISO Toroidal-Throat
Venturi Nozzles
Flow: 6 - 750 m³/hr
Press: 90 - 400 kPa
General Flow Meters Flow: 6 - 1000 m³/hr
Press: 90 - 400 kPa

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