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Corporate Development

Mar. 1904 Initiate “Kimmon Trading” Set up the factory in Tokyo
Jun. 1912 Set up Headquarter and Tokyo Factory in Tokyo, Osaka Factory in Osaka and Fukuoka Factory in Fukuoka
Apr. 1945 Relocate Headquarter and Tokyo Factory
Jul. 1948 Establish “Kimmon Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” Based on “Kimmon Trading”
Feb. 1953 Take company public on Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jan. 1955 Relocate Osaka Factory
Oct. 1957 Take company public on 1st Section Market of both Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange due to change in relevant law
Apr. 1958 Establish “Kimmon Crystal Glass Co., Ltd.” as subsidiary
Nov. 1972 Establish “Kimmon Electric Co., Ltd.” as subsidiary
May. 1980 Establish “Shirasawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” as subsidiary
Sep. 1990 Establish “Karatsu Precision Co., Ltd.” as subsidiary
Jan. 1995 Establish “Wakayama Precision Co., Ltd.” as subsidiary
Apr. 1996 Close down “Osaka Factory” and “Fukuoka Factory”
Oct. 1998 Relocate “Tokyo Head Office”
Sep. 2000 Relocate “Headquarter”
Nov. 2000 Cede vacant lot of “Tokyo Factory”
Mar. 2003 Cede vacant lot of “Osaka Factory”
Jan. 2004 Decide to ask for help from the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan(IRCJ)
Mar. 2004 Transfer stock of “Kimmon Crystal Glass Co., Ltd.”
Jun. 2004 6 no. of 100% share hold subsidiaries re-establish as manufacturing subcontractor
Sep. 2004 Delisting from Osaka Stock Exchange Market
Buy out 7 no. of 100% share holder subsidiaries
90% decrease in capital in accordance with corporate restructuring plan
Issue preferential stocks by third parties (IRCJ, Mizuho BK, Resona BK)
Dec. 2004 Acquisition of 100% stock from “Shirakawa Precision Co., Ltd.”
Mar. 2005 Transfer stock of “Kimmon Electric Co., Ltd.”
Dec. 2005 “Yamatake Corporation” acquires all preferential strock from third parties
Jan. 2006 “Yamatake Corporation” becomes holding company by conversion into common stock from preferential stock holding by IRCJ
Mar. 2006 Acquisition of 100% stock from “Kimmon Light Wave Co., Ltd.”
Completion of restructuring plan
Nov. 2007 Execution of agreement for stock exchange between “Yamatake Corporation” and “Kimmon Manufacuring Co., Ltd.”
Mar. 2008 Delisting from Tokyo Stock Exchange Market
Apr. 2012 Kimmon Manufacturing Co., Ltd. renamed Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd.

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