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Compliance Policy

Compliance Policy

  1. Implementation of Publicness and Social Responsibility
    Executive officers and employees shall be conscious of corporate publicness, act as good management with high level self-responsibility, accomplish the social responsibility to any stakeholders and consequently dedicate a long term and stable growth in the society.
  2. Compliance with Fair Trade
    Executive officers and employees shall trade honestly and fairly on our fully understanding of the regulations and proper manner of transaction including social norm and ethos.
  3. Social Activity based on Human Dignity
    Executive officers and employees shall contribute to the creation of unfettered organization and society to anyone with esteemed basic human rights based on healthy and heartfelt spirit.
  4. Management and Operation for Corporate Properties
    Executive officers and employees shall properly and fairly manage and control the tangible and intangible intellectual properties and information with full understanding.
  5. Driving Forward Environmental Protection
    Executive officers and employees shall drive the environmental protection, the limited resources preservation and the reduction of environmental contamination to retain a significant earth for next generation.

Our policy shall comply with the compliance policy of azbil Group.

First Issue on 14th October, 2006
Re-confirmation by new person in charge below on 1st April, 2015
Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd.
Repesentative Executive President   Masahiro Uenishi

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