Environment Initiative

Track Record of Achievements

Oct. 1992 Start the separate collection of used paper for reduction of waste and recycling
Nov. 1994 Start to replace the oil driven vehicle with the natural gas driven vehicles
Mar. 1996 Accede to the green procurement network
Feb. 1997 Set up the environmental management committee and develop the policy
Oct. 1997 Obtain ISO14001 certification
Jan. 1998 Set forward the car idling stop movement
Jul. 1998 Banning the use of trichloroethane
Dec. 1998 Abolishment of incinerators
Aug. 1999 Abolishment of underground fuel tanks
Apr. 2001 Complete recovery of chlorofluorocarbon from refrigerating equipment
Sep. 2001 Establish the guideline for green procurement
Mar. 2003 Set forward the use of low emission vehicle
Jun. 2004 Add Kawagoe-Tokyo laboratory to the original registration
Nov. 2004 Evaluate the compliance to regulation for non-eligible 10 factories
Dec. 2005 Complete the countermeasure against asbestos for buildings and products
Oct. 2005 Registered ISO14001 under the revision 2004
Jun. 2007 Assessed the energy consumption and Co2 emission from the headquarter and whole factories
Jul. 2008 Played out the environmental policy into group factories
Dec. 2008 Relocated the headquarter office to Otsuka, Tokyo
Apr. 2009 Available for measuring CO2 emission from the entire entities
Apr. 2009 Added Tokyo branch to the original registered location and withdrew it from Ohara factory due to relocation
Oct. 2010 Contineous Management System Awards was given by JSA (Japan Standard Association)
Apr. 2012 Kimmon Manufacturing Co., Ltd. renamed the company name to Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd.

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