Environment Initiative

Policy of Environmental Initiative and ISO Registration Information

Policy of Environmental Initiative

We legally registered ISO14001 of environmental management system in 1997 and the policy extends to the entire group entities. The registration continues under the 6th renewal screening conducted in 2015.

Our Group Policy


Based on the azbil Group Basic Environmental Policy, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of our own business, and to solve the environmental problems of our customers and society.


We shall adequately evaluate the effect on the environment from our daily business activities, and conduct the movement for environmental preservation and continue to improve the quality of relevant activities.

  1. The environmental basic act, the relevant regulations and the other requirements, those we accept, to prevent the contamination, and provide and maintain the relevant manuals and company regulations.
  2. We shall produce and supply the Eco-friendly merchandises after the pre-evaluation for taking natural resources saving, energy saving and recycling etc. into consideration during research and development.
  3. We shall make an effort to reduce the environmental burden by means of waste reduction, recycling promotion, green house gas reduction and emission reduction of harmful substances during business activities.
  4. We shall continuously improve the environment management system by reflecting the changing situation and information with the periodical audit.
  5. We shall engage in educational activities on environmental initiatives to all employees by a seminar and in-house newsletter in order to raise their mind and add up to the local society.

In order to achieve the objectives above, we shall set the purpose and goal together with building the environment management system to implement the continuous planning, education, training, evaluation and review on progress.

This policy is published on the open source that anybody can access freely.

Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd.
Representative Executive, President
Masahiro Uenishi
1st April,2015

ISO Registration Information

The purview of registration is as described in detail below. The environmental management system for the following business fields to drive daily activities shall be applied to all employees engaged in the headquarter structure and their activities for environmental initiatives related to lands, buildings, facilities, business activities, products and services.

(1) Sales of products related to gas
(2) Development and Sales of gas meter, water meter, water works related equipment, quantitation and measurement system, environment related equipment.
(3) Installation, replacement and remedial work of gas meter, gas related equipment, water meter and water works related equipment

Applicable Entities of Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd.
Otsuka Office : 1-14-3 Kita-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 113-0023, Japan
Sugamo Office : 5-9-8 Sugamo Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-0002, Japan
Kawagoe Office : 748 Aza-Onohara, Oaza-Shimoakasaka, Kawagoe Saitama, 350-1155, Japan
Kawagoe Prototype Factory : 1441-1 Oi-Musashino,Fujimi-Shi,Saitama, 356-0054, Japan

JIS Q 14001/JAB CM001

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