• 01 Founder's Passion for Manufacturing
  • 02 History as Pioneer of Measuring Equipment
  • 03 Consolidation with azbil Group

Founder’s Passion for Manufacturing with his Challenging Spirit

Picture shown here is the first diaphragm type gas meter in Japan developed by the founder, named Daigen Daimonji in the earliest days of Kimmon.

Y1904 : Established the company and developed of first Japanese Meter

First Japanese-made Gas Meter
In the period when all gas meters were 100% imported, the founder keenly felt the need of gas meters made in Japan and started developing domestically-produced gas meter with his engineers in a workplace in his residence. They had spent their time night and day to develop the Japanese first gas meter for about two months till the prototype was developed. The prototype, tested by Tokyo Gas under their strict procedure, successfully cleared the inspection and received the first order from Tokyo Gas.
With this result, Kimmon was qualified to start manufacturing the gas meter on commercial basis.
This is the very first story of MADE-IN-JAPAN GAS METER.
[ Topics during those days ]
  • Japan-Russian War started in 1904

Y1905 : Trade Name was changed to Kimmon Trading Co.,

Establishment Ceremony in front of Tokyo Head Office
The factory was built in Kanda Ward in Tokyo, and the company called Kimmon Trading Co. was established with its sales office in Shimoya Ward (currently Higashi Ward) in Tokyo.
Daigen became the first owner and president of the company and started to sell gas meters and related equipments.
[ Topics during those days ]
  • Einstein found out the theory of general relativity
  • Signing on for the Treaty of Portsmouth
  • Gas meters was added to the revised regulation of weights and measures as a metrological equipment

Y1913 : Developed and launched Flat Disk Type and Wheel Type Water Meter

Flat Disk Type Water Meter Wheel Type Water Meter
While sales of gas meters continued the steady progress, Daigen started the research for development of water meter.
In those days, the fixed tariff system was shifted to the actual consumption charge system due to the increment of water consumptions in several large cities.
As in the case of gas meters, all water meters were imported in those days, so Daigen decided to develop the water meters domestically as well.

It was quite difficult to manufacture water meters and release them into the market for practical use with acceptable quality although other precision manufacturers tried to do so. However, since Daigen never gave up and pursued in-depth research, he was finally able to develop two types of elaborative water meter.
Because of those outstanding qualities admired by the waterworks bureaus in many cities, Kimmon’s water meters were immediately spread throughout Japan.
[ Topics during those days ]
  • First World War Started
  • Regulation of weights and measures was enforced and official examination started. Then the social position of flow meters was established.

   02 History as Pioneer of Measuring Equipment


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