• 01 Founder's Passion for Manufacturing
  • 02 History as Pioneer of Measuring Equipment
  • 03 Consolidation with azbil Group

Consolidation with azbil Group

In 2005, Kimmon was acquired by the azbil group (called Yamatake group back in those days) to expand the business field and to provide the total solution ranging from large to small with its automation and measurement technologies.

Launched the battery operated electromagnetic flow meter as first cooperative development with Yamatake Corporation on 2011.

Battery Operated Electromagnetic Flow Meter
While almost all of meters are mechanical movement type in the water meter field, the consolidation with the azbil group made it possible to develop unique and innovative products, by merging Kimmon’s accumulated technologies of water meter and azbil’s technology of battery operated electromagnetic flow meter.

Toward Future

Kimmon shall embrace the cause of the azbil group and make commitments to merge wide range of technologies for measurement, automation and data analysis that the company’s entire group has, to pursue the development of valuable products as a solution provider and a manufacturer who maintains and improves the integrant lifeline.
In order to drive the commercial and technical integration among specialties having by each group company for an invention and globalization under the spirit of group symbol “azbil”, Kimmon Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was renamed Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd. as well as entire group companies whose trade name bearing azbil on 1st April, 2012.

02 History as Pioneer of Measuring Equipment   


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