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Drop-Flow Fuel Meter [Diaphragm Type]

Drop-Flow Fuel Meter 
- Diaphragm Type * Replacement every five years recommended for securing the specific performance.


  • Enable to measure 0.1 liter/h
  • No pump required because of quite low pressure loss
  • No leakage by using magnet coupling for transmitting rotation to numeral counter
  • Independent measuring mechanism allows removing debris and air in fuel through drain tap.

[Use Application]

For Measuring Kerosene Consumption on Centralized Kerosene Supply Piping for Multi-dwelling unit


  1. Operated by gravity fall. Minimum 30cm head required between the tank (reservoir) and the burner.
  2. Remove the meter when the pressurized leak test.
  3. Provide a oil filter before the meter
  4. Open always the upstream valve to release the raised pressure inside due to temperature rise even while the season not requires the heating equipment.


Model No. / Diameter NDR-6 / 8mm
Maximum Working Pressure (MPa) 0.1 (1kgf/cm²)
Maximum Working Temperature (°C) 50
Deviation (%) ±1% (Where calculated more than 1 liter)
Maximum Cumulative Quantity (L) 99999.99
Minimum Scale (L) 0.002
Flow Range (L/h) 0.1~20
Pressure Loss at Max. Flow (kPa) 1.0 (102mmH2O)
Viscosity (mPa·s) 2
Fluid Kerosene
Casing Aluminum Die Cast ADC-12
Weight (kg) 1.3
Inlet Direction Left (Right inlet is special order)
Connection Union ( Diameter 28mm / Thread Pitch 18)
Connecting Pipe 15mm diameter SGP Union or 8mm Copper Union
Painting Color Light Grey (Munsell 5Y7.5/1)

Model No. w/Transmitter
Output Voltage Free Change-over Contact, Pulse
Pulse Rate 0.1L/P
Terminal Rating 20W
Allowable Max. Voltage DC30V
Allowable Max. Ampere DC1A
Cable Outer Sheath 6.5mm diameter / 3 wire / 1.5m length
Connected Conductor BK, WT
* Other than pulse transmitter, general specification is same as NDR.

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