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Water Flow Indicator [Model PM]

Water Flow Indicator [Model PM]


  • Ease of Flow Confirmation by Eye Sight
  • To primitive flow check for industries, laboratories and greenhouse cultures
  • Either upward or downward indicator direction useable where the meter installed horizontally.


Model No. PM20 PM25
Allowable Maximum Operating Pressure 1MPa{10.2kgf/cm²}
Allowable Maximum Operating Temperature 40°C
Connection Union Coupling
Coating Color No Corting

External View

Diameter (mm) 20 25
Length (L) 104 110
Height (H1) 87 87
Height (H2) 30 30
Width (W) 89 89
D NPS(Outside Dimension・Pitch/Inch) G1 (33.2 / 11) G1-1/4 (41.9 / 11)
Weight (kg) 0.9 1.1

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