AFV Series Regulator

AFV Cassette Regulator CSTL-50, 80, 100

Body of regulator accommodated in the cassette enables an ease of maintenance without removing whole unit from piping.

S-AFV Regulator

S-AFV factory assembled combination of AFV cassette regulator and SSV emergency shutoff valve enables the compact package and ease of installation. It is available to install the unit on holizontal or vertical position including in the corner space of governor assembly.
This feature enables the remodeling of existing governor assembly and installing in the limited narrow space.

N-AFV Regulator Unit

N-AFV is the factory assembled and tested governor station composed of dual regulator line by using S-AFV with bypass line. Uniformed design per inlet size enables corresponding to the wide range secondary pressure by changing pilot mechanism.
Besides, the prefabricated governor box for N-AFV is available to minimize the installation space.

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