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Cage Type Low Noise - High Pressure Gas Regulator    Model : HNV


HNV high pressure gas regulator is developed to reduce a nuisance noise generated where the depressurization at the governor station. Three steps perforated cage is adopted as the depressurizing mechanism to achieve the low noise operation.
Besides, HNV, which is composed of fewer parts in comparison to the current commercial products, improves the maintenance ability because of the compact size with lighter weight. Moreover, the parts of trim do not need the special tools for maintenance and all works can be carried out from the top end.
Actuating portion adopts the fabric reinforced NBR diaphragm to achieve the high operability, stability and compact design.
HNV can completely fulfill the customer’s requirement for single step depressurization from the high pressure main grid to the middle pressure sub grid or the end users such as power plant.

Preliminary Specification

Body / Top Cover

Valve Type Straight Type Molten Globe Valve
NPS (inch) 2,3,4,6,8
Rating ANSI Class 300,600
Connection RF
Materials Equivalent to ASTM A352
O Ring NBR


Valve Plug Pressure Balance Type
Perforated Cage Three Layers · Soft Sheet (PATPEND)
Materials Equivalent to ASTM A743 CF8, 8A
A747 CB7CU1
Glass Fiber contained PTFE

Actuating Portion

Model Type Spring Type Diaphragm Motor
Operation Spring Back Loading
Materials ASTM A352 LCB or A350 LF2
Fabric contained NBR
IA Connection NPT Female 1/4
Inlet Temp. 0〜60°C (No Freezing)


Setting Pressure 0.1〜4.0MPa
Max. Operating Pressure Inlet 8.5MPa
Min. Diff. P Required 0.2MPa
Material Equivalent to ASTM A743 CF8
Fabric contained NBR
IA Connection NPT Female 1/4
Inlet Temp. 0〜60°C (No Freezing)
Weight 10kg (Incl. Primary Pilot)

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