Ultrasonic Gas meter

Ultrasonic LP Gas meter

Ultrasonic LP Gas meterType:EK

[Small and Light design]

As compared to S type gas meter, EK is small and light.
This meter can reduce worker’s workload and can be installed in small spaces.

[Gas meter compatible with HEMS]

This meter can be connected to HEMS thanks to normal 1L/P pulse output function.
(Pulse rate can be changed to 10/P or 100L/P.)

[Shorter Restart safety verification time]

Restart safety verification time post meter installation and meter shut-down is reduced from 50 seconds to 20 seconds.

[Easy to read display]

The meter is equipped with a large LCD.
Meter setting status can be checked at a glance thanks to its high visibility which also enables easy meter maintenance.

[Basic specifications]

Measurement part Input location Top
Connection size 20A M36×2
Connection span 90mm 130mm 90mm 130mm
Flow direction Left to Right
Max. flowrate 2.5 m³/h 4.0m³/h
Nominal working pressure 2.8±0.5kPa
Maximum working pressure 10kPa
Maximum indicating quantity 9999.999m3
Minimum scale 0.2L
  Atmospheric Temperature From -30 to +60℃
  Color Light gray ( Equivalent to Munsell Color System 5Y 7.5/1 )
  Dimension 173mm(A)×112.4mm(B)×141mm(C)
  Weight About 1.8kg

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