Water Meter

Battery Operated Electromagnetic Water Meter

MGB12A is the intelligent meter with high-dimensional fusion technology which is combined between Azbil Kimmon and Azbil Corporation.

Electronic Water Meter

Electronic intelligent water meter is composed of 8 bit telegraphic communication output, LSI, LCD and Lithium battery.
LCD indicates the cumulative consumption and the output data enables the telecommunication metering system and automatic reading system.

Water Meter with Pulse Transmitter

The direct reading water meter with the pulse transmitter including 2 wired voltage free normal open contact outputting 1m³/P signal.

Direct Reading Water Meter

The eye friendly ergonomics designed indicator enables to see the number clearly in dark and feel less halation under sunshine.
Besides, this meter provides better performance for less dew condensation and anti-freezing.

Water Meter with Pulse Transmitter

The display part is rotatable at 330┬░and is part of the KKDA.
Not only does it make meter reading easier, but it also decreases the risk of reading errors. Meter reading agents will thank you for choosing this rotatable display water meter.


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